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Grow VC & C2I Ventures Launch National Funding Network For China

posted Oct 19, 2010, 10:06 AM by C2I Ventures   [ updated Nov 7, 2010, 4:01 AM ]

19th October Beijing, London & Hong Kong – Leading global crowdfunding platform for seed funding startups Grow VC  just added another reason for Chinese entrepreneurs to cheer in an already buzzing startup scene by launching a local funding network exclusively for China.  The China Grow VC network which was launched today by Grow VC in collaboration with local partners C2I Ventures will open doors for entrepreneurs and early stage startups in China into the “crowdfunding” arena and also aims to provide a strong startup support infrastructure that encourages startup culture. The launch of an exclusive funding network for China by Grow VC comes just months after a similar local network was launched in India.

The India Grow VC network which was launched in July 2010 gathered the backing of important partners such as IndiaCo Ventures and The Indian Angel Network, has already grown to almost 1000 members and the growth continues strong. The China Grow VC network which is the second local funding and startup ecosystem on the platform will also partner with top local angel funding organizations and investors in a bid to create an online eco system for Chinese startups to thrive.

We are looking for entrepreneurs and companies who are ambitious and are looking for an adventure to grow and build a sustainable business” comments Mikko Puhakka, Founding Partner of ‘Virtual Incubator’ C2I Ventures. The Founding team of C2I Ventures official partners for the China Grow VC network have a long history of working with young companies and have been involved in creating Billions of dollars of value including MySQL in 2001. “While raising angel investments through crowdfunding is one of the main attractions for startups on the local funding network, we look to provide harmony into startups on the network through mentorship, strategic advice and in select cases, we are also available for board seats” says Peter Cheng Founding Partner at C2I Ventures.

With China being recognized as one of the most attractive destinations for the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups the launch of a local funding network  has been a milestone for Grow VC who plan to launch several other local network s across key markets in the coming months. “The launch of local funding networks will continue in certain markets we’ve identified, at the same time our global service is growing rapidly and offer excellent service for international investments.” says Jouko Ahvenainen Founder & Chairman at Grow VC.

The local Grow VC network for China which can be located at was officially introduced to the public on the 10th of October 2010 at the OpenSourceCamp Event in Beijing. Membership on the local platform has been offered with a special free promotional offer valid until the end of 2010 with some limitations that will ensure quality, to ensure that the community itself would get a flying start.  Grow VC China will be presented in the coming weeks at several other events in the country including the upcoming China Mega Forum and the China Mobile Developers Conference. With talks actively progressing to engage more partners and key organizations through the next two months more developments are expected soon for this promising entrepreneurial community.

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